Feeling On Edge or Anxious? Watch This.

Feeling on edge and anxious is not a positive experience for anyone. So I’ve made a video step-by-step showing you how to adapt to your experiences.

As explained in further parts of the site, anxiety manifests itself in different ways. “Stopping anxiety” so to speak comes with a symbiotic twin-aim; many people have anxiety for different reasons and causes, in order to stop anxiety in its tracks and reduce it, it requires a exploration into why you have it. This takes you through several different mental processes and stages before you can do this completely. While it is not an easy process, it is a worthwhile one that will help you reduce your anxiety in the long-run and live a happier, more fulfilled life. One bit of advice I learnt from therapy is that engaging with your problem directly is the first big change you can make in your life and this will lead to a happier one too. View the comprehensive tutorial below:



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