Short Term Relief For Anxiety

“Short term relief for anxiety”.

The following article was submitted and co-advised by Eleanor, a co-author of

“Removing the “busy” from your life is really important when it comes to short-term relief for anxiety. I find that distancing yourself from busyness and large crowds but keeping in contact with other people is really helpful. For example, keeping yourself in an open space where people can pass by is a great technique. While this seems like distracting and isolating yourself, it actually isn’t – you are temporarily isolating yourself but keeping in touch with others which provides relief and puts you on the first stages to feeling calm. With this comes focus and concentration – for example, I find that focusing in on objects of points of interest, not necessarily moving objects, is very good for removing the emphasis away from the anxiety – much like meditation with a candle-flame. This begins to translate in your blood pressure and heart rate; you’re likely to experience the “cooling down” period where you feel the anxiety weakening because you are putting your mind to work. This is my most used technique for short-term relief and I recommend it to all. Further than this, I find it extra beneficial to call someone I know or make contact with someone – not necessarily causing any extra burden or depending on people, but being social to keep the anxiety at bay. Talking is the healthiest thing you can do!”

– Eleanor, 18



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