How to Think Differently About Anxiety

How to think differently about anxiety.

Anxiety can be very present and often unfortunately central to one’s life. However there are ways of thinking differently so that you can carry on with day-t0-day errands and activities so that it does not swamp your life chances.

As previously mentioned in the first article on how to stop anxiety in its tracks, addressing the cause of your anxiety is important to stopping it totally. See it this way, if you had a flesh wound on your arm, would you ignore it and take tablets to remedy the pain or would you investigate how it got there? In this sense, questioning the “why” in your condition on a fundamental level is the first step to fixing your problem.

So what can you do now to stop your anxiety from swamping your condition?

Firstly, understand that anxiety is just a temporary and fragile sensation that often fluctuates and changes rapidly. One way to combat it is to not feed it. By doing this you will weaken its hold over you. To do this, when you are  feeling anxious, just observe your thought pattern and through this, it cannot intervene in your behaviour. This addresses your thinking, which changes your emotions and will therefore change your behaviour. See the CBT page for more information.


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