One Change You Need to Make in Your Life

Renowned psychologist and best-selling author Robert Greene  co-authored a famous text called the 50th Law of Power with 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson). I’ve recently read it and would like to absorb one tip that I think is paramount to overcoming any obstacle you face in trying to reach your targets and goals in life.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That’s a good statement; here’s another one by Curtis Jackson- turn shit into sugar. In other words, both beg the same tone; with any situation you find yourself in, you need to adapt your mindset so that you can yield the greatest benefit from it. This is about interpretation of your story. Everybody has a story and everybody experiences rapid transition into different stages in their lives – however, it is the interpretation that determines your ability to succeed.

Adaptation is important for any person – but, when you look back on a failing project or difficult situation, craft an interpretation that will empower you so that the past has no hold on your progress in the present but instead boosts it. Use your past and don’t let your past use you. In doing this, you will become an empowered individual and one who wins.

Turning around a difficult situation involves a process of delving into uncomfortable waters. However, the more you begin to adapt to the temperature and feel of this new position, the more you will grow. While not all projects will return the same result you desired to begin with; by thinking this way, you will harvest a much greater benefit than your original intention. This benefit is becoming empowered.



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