My name is Harrison Hale, I’m 18 years old and live in Kent.

13558704_1146088888745530_6135936549399148942_oI’ve fought and defeated mild panic for almost a year now and since December 2015 (when I experienced my first ever panic attack) have absorbed many different strategies and mechanisms for dealing with my condition head on and taking life by the collar. I understand the hindrances that anxiety can pose to your everyday life and part of my mission is dedicated to listening to the stories of others and providing advice and guidance to those who feel pushed from the well-worn path.

I take up meditation frequently, enrolled in a Mindfulness course, began believing in Christianity as a philosophy and attending my local cathedral every Sunday. And I’ve even regained many attributes that I felt were weakened by my anxiety, such as reading classics, writing, being creative and even going clubbing until the early hours of the morning in large groups (something, after my anxiety, I thought never possible), furthermore, the symptoms of anxiety have reduced progressively over that last 6 months showing signs of recovery and improvement. As a current student, life is at its most challenging and stressful with all kinds of responsibilities lurking about. However, given the support I had received, and the right coaching, I am able to confront the adversity of anxiety where I find it.

I attend a local boy’s grammar school and, after my gap year in 2017, hope to study Politics & International Relations are the University of Durham. I have previously worked in Parliament and took part in numerous political activities of which I am grateful for experiencing. However, this site is about helping others and providing some value to the lives of others. It combines a philosophical and scientific approach to tackling anxiety alongside displaying pragmatic and comprehensive techniques to dealing with it everyday.

Thank you for listening,

– Harrison

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