Emergency Stress/Anxiety Relief

  • CBT approach; understand that your thoughts are influencing many of your emotions right now. Stress is distorting your perception of reality – much of your stress is caused by conflating current challenges you face either from work or home. Understand this.
  • So, focus on the present. Start with practical and small steps to dealing with it in a measured and sensible way. Breathe in through your diaphragm (so when you breathe in, your stomach rises, not your chest). Give yourself a change of environment – if you’re sat in your room, or in your study, head to your living room and pour yourself a drink (I find lemon, ice and coke works the best).
  • Organise and compartmentalize; accept your limits and accept there are challenges that you cannot easily get through but there are also easy challenges that you have become better at confronting on a daily basis either at work or at home. Don’t count yourself out; you have done well so far given your abilities.
  • Tell someone! This doesn’t have to be your parent (if you’re young) or even a close friend, tell anyone!
  • Give yourself a completely different sensation. Take a cold shower? Or maybe a candle-lit bath if you find that more fitting. You need to plunge yourself into a relaxing environment to relieve stress.
  • Try a change of scenery. Why not sit in the garden for ten minutes? Or stick something funny on so you can laugh about it all – this is very far from avoiding the problem, it is actually incrementally dealing with it in a way that works for you. By worrying, you are not becoming any more productive, so why not enjoy yourself with the time instead?
  • Understand that your interest in work or pursuits in the home are built on challenge – however, challenges that are not immortal. Stress paints the picture this way and so addressing stress comes with understanding your challenges have weaknesses too and you can get through them.
  • Be faithful; remember that it only takes one change of mind in a mood where you are optimistic, calm and determined to work that will mean a change for the long-term and this is achievable at any moment. Nobody is perfect and this is far from being about perfect. You can change your scenario so you can move and continue to grow.